Catapush: interview with Luigi Orsi Carbone

Catapush is a real-time push messaging SaaS platform that aims to help banks, large financial institutions and large corporates with important mobile customer communications. “We are now the most reliable, secure and traceable solution for managing the communications of large banks with their customers through apps – explains CEO Luigi Orsi Carbone – Our solution is already available in international markets, we already have customers in South America, Brazil, and England, Norway and Canada”.

In the last few months, Catapush has been reinforcing its presence on the Italian market and is developing initiatives abroad in priority segment, that of banks and financial services. In the pipeline, it already has some negotiations with players in Belgium, Russia and Malaysia which “we hope to consolidate with the help of Fintech District”.

This startup joined the Fintech District in May convinced that “this community, leader of fintech in Italy, can help us develop relationships with target customers and expand internationally, as well as support us in the build-up phase of our initiative.

Catapush has been integrated into the Unicredit mobile app in recent months. The first use case was the card alert, thanks to which notifications on all credit and debit card transactions are made through push notification and only in back up with SMS. This, as the CEO Orsi Carbone points out, ” brings about significant cost savings and an improvement in the user interface and customer satisfaction”.

In the coming months, the extension will also be developed for sending OTP PINs for all strong authentication processes through two factors. “What used to be sent via an SMS message can now be done thanks to a push notification or an app message. In this use case, the usability also improves and costs for the bank are reduced”.

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