Bitandcoffee combines tradition and innovation with Unione Artigiani

Bitandcoffee is the new digital personal and company accounting solution for the next era of easy tax and innovative banking PSD2 compliant. This startup has recently closed an deal with Unione Artigiani, managing to bring tradition and innovation together. Marco Frigerio, co founder, tells what it is all about.

What is the agreement between BitandCoffee and Unione Artigiani?

The agreement aims to cover an emerging need from the world of small and micro enterprises (official data from the Chambers of Commerce estimate that more than 95% of the Italian productive system) for innovative digital services. The agreement is a push towards innovation because it will provide specific services to members, which for the city of Milan alone,exceeds 10,000 units.
Thanks to the digitalization of services we will be able to provide all accounting and tax services to a large user base starting from 29 euros per month with additional support for the opening of the VAT number for all new activities both innovative and traditional.

How challenging was it to combine tradition and technology, both on a technical level and in terms of mindset?

As our slogans say, “Unione Artigiani and Bit&Coffee together to enhance your business” and “History and future meet to offer you the best service”. This is certainly the key point of the challenge. The managers of the association and all those in charge have shown a suitable prudence towards our solution but, after an in-depth study phase, they fully supported the idea, boosting and encouraging the adoption of innovative solutions both towards the associates and within the organization itself.

What is the added value you provide to Unione Artigiani and the end customer?

BitandCoffee has always been a reality very much focused on concrete innovation. In fact, the agreement is not a mere declaration of intent but are all concrete and tangible services, also economically, just like all the accounting services offered and already available.
As requested by the executives of the Unione Artigiani we have already started to provide specific courses and dedicated support, in terms of both efficiency of organizational processes and tools, for example marketing with the realization of important technological synergies together with Google Ads.

Do you intend to carry out other projects like this one?

In the near future we hope to announce other important deals in the world of advanced tax services with some large organizations in the world of accountants and also with some innovative and well-known players in the banking world who find in BitAndCoffee a very concrete Fintech partner able to harmonize innovation with effective applicability. Moreover, Fintech District has put us in touch with some interesting companies with whom we would like to develop synergies in the insurance and credit world.

How is your business going and what other projects do you have in the pipeline?

BitandCoffee has now exceeded 10,000 users and the latest services released are multipliers and accelerators in adoption by new users. The genius invoice service, for instance, which self-composes invoices, even with small artificial intelligence logics.
As far as the new projects are concerned, we want to take advantage of the strong skills in terms of accounting and taxation connected with the whole banking and payment systems world. We are therefore creating an automatic accounting system with direct connection to their current accounts with PSD2 technology but the idea is to go beyond the concept of accountant and bank transforming them, as we say,in saas and focusing on Valued added services that generate real value for the end user. We are also considering some financial deals to open up to the capital market.

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