Cerved and business opportunities in fintech

The collaboration with Fintech District immediately proved to be an important and indispensable opportunity, according to Valerio Momoni, Director of Marketing, Product and Business Development, who explained the concrete benefits associated with it at the event to launch the second year of membership

“First of all, we have come closer to the world of finance and innovation, which has always been a fundamental asset for us. And then we have had the opportunity to work, not only with fintechs, which we had expected to do but also with all the other players who gravitate around Fintech District. With Fabrick, for example, with whom we have a partnership. It was something we hadn’t thought of at the time, but it is definitely a concrete result of the first year of collaboration with Fintech District”.

Momoni highlights amongst others two of the most important moments of this year working together, namely: the recent edition of Cerved Next and the meeting with the startups who participated in the Data-Driven Competition.

Cerved Next is an event that brings together all the players that operate around the data-driven economy. Fintech District has collaborated in bringing many startups and companies from the fintech world to the event, showing tangible advantages of the collaboration.

“Confirmation of the importance of the project, the Data-Driven Competition, carried out with the Fintech District, came when the startups who had participated returned from Cerved to establish business relationships – explains Momoni – the competition, in fact, opened up to us a world of operators who could push innovation a lot in the coming years”.

In this second year of membership, which has just begun, Cerved expects concrete opportunities for business development. “We are also very curious to see how the world of Fintech will move from September onwards when PSD2 will become a reality – adds Momoni – It could be very facilitated and find a further boost of development”.

Looking at the Italian fintech sector and what could help it grow, Momoni believes that more trust is needed, both from institutions and from market operators, such as Cerved, which give it a further boost.

“The world of fintech is evolving rapidly but the truth is that from a dimensional point of view it is still a very marginal phenomenon in the world of financing,” he explains. A novelty that could help the sector is the just approved sandbox. “I expect the system to give more confidence to the fintech sector – he concludes – This also means giving a regulation that allows to space and consolidates something that in other countries already has a rather significant dimension”.

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