La Carica delle 101 meets the FD community: energy, vision, synergies and new horizons

Last November, a confidential meeting was held between La Carica delle 101 and some startups of the FD Community: an opportunity to offer them a confrontation with experienced professionals and the chance to reflect on their own growth path and how to continue it, not acting by default but making the right choices that the context requires, moment by moment.

As is often the case, the day proved to be satisfying, as Giovannella Condò, Founder of La Carica delle 101, Notary Public and Co-Founder of Milano Notai, said pointed out: “Fintech has been a discovery and certainly an object of great interest for our community. It is an ecosystem that has been too little explored and is growing fast. We met startups with interesting business models and well-prepared and ambitious startuppers, with a desire to bring the business to the scale-up phase”.

We were so impressed by the success of the meeting, and sorry not to be able to share it live for obvious reasons of confidentiality, we decided to bring you the post-event impressions of some of the protagonists, as if you had met them at the bar immediately afterwards.

Happy reading!

When you have been working on a project for a long time, you risk losing objectivity and contact with some of the elements that are fundamental to the value proposition of a product. It is therefore necessary for every professional to confront the outside world, trying to see things from a new and creative point of view. The power and whirlwind of 101 women can sweep you away and accompany you towards new visions…
Alan Gallicchio – Ecomate

This experience has been very positive and stimulating. The fact that I was able to interface with a group of women only soley on issues that are fundamental to our business was something very different from what I am used to, as our team is predominantly made up of men. Their professionalism helped me to look at my startup from a different point of view, bringing out many interesting ideas that deserve to be developed and implemented.
Matteo Anthony Destantini – SplittyPay

Beyond the nice atmosphere that was created during the meeting, the comparison with the 101ers helped us to have more confidence in some strategic choices related to the scalability path of Ener2Crowd, and to bring out some misalignments between the message proposed to the market and the values and vision of the company. Also in this case, the depth of the interlocutors and the punctuality of the interventions and comments helped us to understand which elements to focus on to make our mission even more engaging and impactful. From an open and shared reflection, we found the strength to take immediate action.
Giorgio Mottironi – Ener2Crowd

And you find yourself in front of women with different experiences, skills, positions and backgrounds, yet all united, ready to support you and team up for your goal, which suddenly becomes theirs too. So a real commitment emerges, a real will to confront each other, to propose solutions and new approaches. “Nobody can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to reproduce it.” (H.E. Luccock)
Romina Zorzini – Trakti

It was certainly a great opportunity and pleasure to be part of the 101 charge. We had the opportunity to receive feedback and put our product under stress at a crucial stage where any feedback is precious. I think it’s a wonderful project that allows anyone in the world of innovation to engage with people who are extremely knowledgeable and willing to help.
Daniele Mogavero – Corptape

It was a very positive experience with the 101’s charge. A group of exceptional women who, with experience, attention and a different point of view, provided us with precious ideas and contributions regarding the sharing of our OpenMall project, the social commerce managed by AI in 3D and XR with avatars and virtual assistants that evolves in a persistent and synchronous metaverse. We thank 101 for the strong interest shown and compliments received and the Fintech District that made this possible”.
Gennaro Calì – OpenAI

I really liked the way the event was organised, and it was great to be able to tell about Switcho to professionals who had already looked at our startup’s document before the meeting and had had a preliminary preparation meeting. Thanks to this process, I was able to quickly explain the project and receive so much valuable feedback and insight in just one hour of conversation.”
Redy Vyshka – Switcho

The Outsiders Inn was an inspiring but also brainstorming event with the 101 people in the room. Everyone contributed according to their own experience and I’m sure we all took away something away: an idea, a test, a discovery. This is the strength of the group. The different experiences put together create new knowledge. As an entrepreneur, I take home a list of experiments to do. On the other hand, you can’t improve without trying, failing and trying again.
Ester Liquori – Ghostwriter

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