The way to collaborative innovation? The Innovation Boarding Pass

Do you want to experience a method of collaborative innovation, replicable in everyday life that enhances your ability to impact concretely on business change? Do you need to reduce time to market and develop products and services keeping a constant focus on the customer? Fintech District invites you to take your place and be part of the Innovation Boarding Pass

This is an intensive 2-day workshop held in our headquarters in Via Sassetti 32 on 29 and 30 October and delivered by Innoblue Labs that will guide you through a structured and repeatable method to implement continuous innovation in your work processes and environment.

In this way, you will have extra gear for when you have to define or implement your own product and service strategies. The method is both useful when you have to design a new market offering and when companies need to re-think processes and organizational procedures in order to improve efficiency and deliver results in line with market and customer needs.

Innoblue Labs effectively combines Innovation Strategy frameworks and Innovation Design tools in a one of a kind path that usually is gathered through several courses & workshops on Blue Ocean Strategy, Design Thinking, Jobs to be done and similar topics. Innovation Design methodologies are not transmitted through a didactic approach but rather by means of hands-on activities with the aim of solving a design-challenge on a common theme. This makes the laboratory a unique experience and opportunity to achieve the right mindset and experiment with an effective methodology for collaborative innovation.

It’s a long and exciting journey, the one of innovation, and with the workshop of Innoblue Labs, Fintech District wants to offer the opportunity to get the best boarding pass on the market, a full-fledged kit of tools, skills and experience that allows those who participate to become able to take flight.

This workshop will take place in collaboration with SellaLab. For more information and to register, click here

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