Crispy Bacon’s mission? Create memorable digital experiences

Crispy Bacon is a software development company with the aim to create memorable digital experiences through disruptive technologies, approaches, and methodologies. This fintech has recently joined the Fintech District community. Founder Marco Volpe explains what he deals with and the next goals.

What does Crispy Bacon do?

Crispy Bacon is a digital company with a really ambitious goal, we want to create memorable experiences in the digital world. Which way? Pursuing an idea that is to be constantly technology-driven to offer the best technologies to our customers, innovative technologies that must also be easy to use. This is why we also take care of the whole user experience and user interface part.

What’s your latest news?

Crispy Bacon is a company in constant evolution. Working closely with the financial, banking and insurance sectors, we are continuing to evolve the technologies we offer our clients. The latest projects we have followed have been very exciting because we have used conversational interfaces, we have done image recognition activities and we have started to use frameworks as Flutter that are giving a very interesting performance to all players in the industry.

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What do you expect from your entry into the Fintech District?

We have chosen to join Fintech District because although we are not a product company but a service company, we believe that our strong skills in the field of user experience, user interface and above all development, can allow us to offer a lot to the fintech sector and to become ideal partners of many companies both already in business and startups that want to grow and grow their product digitally. In this Fintech District experience, we hope to bring our value and have the opportunity to collaborate with many companies that are part of our group.

What are your internationalization goals?

Crispy Bacon has always looked overseas and for two years we have been working with Y Combinator, one of the most important incubators in Silicon Valley where we have partnered with companies and startups that have received their first rounds of investment. A few months ago we opened an office in Albania, a headquarters that allows us both to expand the activity of Crispy Bacon in the Balkans, and above all to offer maintenance service at attractive costs for Italian companies.

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