Third Fintech Nights: let’s talk about Proptech

The third edition of Fintech Nights, scheduled for March 3rd, will be dedicated to Proptech. On the rooftop of “Copernico Isola for S32” we will recount the evolution of this sector between Shared economy, Smart real estate & Real Estate Fintech, together with our community of startups and some big players who have been invited to illustrate their point of view on how the real estate world is changing.

Why proptech?

In the last year and a half, the number of Proptech startups operating in Italy has almost tripled from 40 to 108. Of these 68% are based in Northern Italy (half of them in Milan) and just under 10% coming from abroad (Spain, Estonia, Holland, Portugal, USA, Switzerland). The sector is growing strongly and appears to want to reach the levels of Germany (238) and Spain (305), but is still far from Great Britain with its 805 proptech startups (PropTech Monitor 2019 data). There is also a big gap in terms of funding involving hundreds of millions of euros in the UK market and a few tens of millions in Italy.

In the Italian proptech scenario we have chosen to explore, there are vastly different realities which, according again to Proptech Monitor, can be divided into 4 categories: 30% operates in the real estate fintech category (brokerage, crowdfunding, investments and auctions), 25% in the professional services category (blockchain to validate products and processes, marketing, consulting and management), 25% in the sharing economy category (community life management, hospitality and short rentals, event spaces, marketing, coworking) and the remaining 20% belongs to smart real estate (facility & property, smart building, VR and AR).

On the occasion of the third edition of Fintech Nights, we will further deepen our knowledge of the topic by giving an overview of the sector,thanks to the insights from our members, and illustrating the future trends indicated by our international community. We shall end the first part of the evening with Applied Innovation cases. In the second part some big players like Airbnb will be our guests and explain their vision of the evolution of proptech in Italy and in the modern world, followed by a Demo Session Startup with Crowdestate, Walliance, Re-lender and Housers.

At the end of the session you are invited to stay with us for the cocktail party: a special moment of networking under the stars on one of the most beautiful rooftops in Milan!

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Author: Tudor Sava

20 Febbraio 2020