TRAKTI: interview with Luigi Telesca

Trakti is a unified platform for smart, self-executing and compliant contracts running on both private and public blockchain, streamlining the contracting process of medium-large enterprises, financial, insurance and regulated market operators. Trakti offers all the tools needed to securely streamline the acquisition and negotiation flows, and manage all corporate contracts in a unique infrastructure. The objective of Trakti is to assist companies from the beginning right up to the signing and monitoring of the contract in a fully compliant way.

“Our solution was born from a research carried out over the years that has now ended with the release of the Trakti infrastructure that is able to support both traditional contracts and smart contracts, blockchain implementations – explains co-founder and CEO Luigi Telesca – in recent years we have focused mainly on increasing our recognition in the universe of B2B contracts“.

Recently, Trakti has been invited to a series of professional events within the communities of IACCM, the global contract management association, as a thought leader in contract automation and smart contracts. Trakti has also won the Innovate Finance 360 pitch competition in the Regtech category as an innovative startup offering an end-to-end solution in this industry. Last but not least, Trakti R&D lab won the EU Commission tender on modelling the European economy as an ecosystem of contracts.

Trakti operates on the English and Italian markets. It works with medium and large companies, supporting them in optimizing the management and facilitating the automation of their contracts. “Our goal is to explain why smart contracts will be a key element in the management of relationships and process automation,” Telesca explains. “We have also started working with the European Commission in Brussels to explain how smart contracts will become a catalyst for the next industrial revolution. On 30 September we are organizing a workshop on smart contract ecosystems and their impact on GDP”.

As a platform that combines multi aspects of Fintech, Regtech and Lawtech, Trakti needs to have connections with both corporate and of startups worlds to find new business opportunities. This is why it joined Fintech District, looking for a catalyst that could put us in touch with these different stakeholders. Thanks to Fintech District we have been in contact with different entities and we think we can use all these networks of connections to carry on our growth process and facilitate the successful implementation of our strategy.

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Author: Tudor Sava

29 Agosto 2019