Utego: interview with Stefano Musso

Utego is an innovative fintech startup which recently became a member of the Fintech District community and, thanks to Fintech District, will be present at the next Salone dei Pagamenti. As CEO Stefano Musso explains, “we propose to our users to aggregate their current accounts and financial positions, aggregate the knowledge of all financial and non-financial products and services on the market, and to aggregate their own purchase power”.

Through the logic of social shopping users can put together their availability and their contractual strength, to get more. In this case, UTEGO opens an auction with the financial institutions to get the best conditions for the end users. “With aggregation we create market transparency and give more power to users – explains Musso – that’s why our pay off is ‘your money power’”.

Utego has just launched its website utego.it. There is already a prototype of the app with regard to its front end, the back – end is being processed, while the partners are continually looking for industrial partners.

Since its birth Utego has been a member of Assofintech and Assolombarda and recently a member of the Fintech District community. “We believe a lot in the hub the Fintech District is creating with all the startups and fintechs, it has a very proactive organization and offers very useful moments of exchange and networking – comments Musso – Italy is missing an ecosystem that can join all startups with the world of real economy and the Fintech District could just be a starting point for this ecosystem ”

And the future of Utego?

From a geographical point of view it is certainly of Italian descent and would like to remain Italian – “if the Italian system will allow it” – but has a European DNA and aims to expand across the continent starting from Spain, Portugal, France and UK where it has already contacted.

From a business point of view, “we were born directing ourselves to the end users, but we immediately want to embrace the entire area of small businesses and then go into asset management and corporate. Also as aggregated products and services we want to offer not only financial services but also energy and other things “.

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Author: Tudor Sava

18 Ottobre 2018