Co-investing and venture capital: interview with Innocenzo Cipolletta

“In Italy conditions are ideal for doing more, for restoring venture capital but all sectors will need to contribute in order to invest in innovation and startup more bravely”. This is a clear signal that we should take the road to change the course of action in our country, is an invitation that comes from Innocenzo Cipolletta, president of Italian Investment Fund, during his introduction at the event about “Syndicate Investing” hosted last week by Fintech District and organized by 200Crowd and Digital Magics.

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“Co-investing can be a way to ensure a bigger amount of money for startup. Naturally this is just the beginning of the investment process, then you have to move towards forms of investment more structured – Cipolletta added – but this tool allows small savers business angels that can’t invest a lot of money but prefer diversify risk, to get together in order to reach an amount of money sufficient enabling the startup to start. In this way it’s possible to raise an amount of resources useful for a startup”

venture capitalNew technologies can facilitate co-investment operations in order to bridge the delay we accumulated in the funding of startup initiatives and co-investing, in turn, according to Cipolletta, “becomes a way to facilitate private savings, small investors, but obviously not all, only those who know the risk and have amounts of money to make risk investments. In Public sector investments should be more substantial, with bigger amounts of money. Co investing allows small savers family office to invest in innovative initiatives probably generating a big profit”.

Returning to the national situation, Cipolletta also pointed out that “Italy is one of the best countries for developing venture capital, given our high percentage of SMEs per inhabitant and our skills of doing business and research. And we have the availability of big savings of household income, this means that in Italy there are the resources necessary to support a correct venture capital activity”.

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10 Aprile 2018