Vidyasoft and the new challenges awaiting this ex-spin off

2020 is a turning point for Vidyasoft: it is a new phase with new projects on the way, partnerships and exploration of markets, including international ones. First of all, since May, this company is no longer a spin-off of the University of Salento. Five years of being accompanied on the market are now over and it has to fend for itself and find a new “home”. Roberto Vergallo, founder of Vidyasoft, says he has already found a suitable space, “a beautiful space in a new ecosystem that is being created in Lecce. However, it is also our goal to intensify our presence in Milan in the space we already own in Via Sassetti 32”.

The new phase is also full of challenging goals that have not allowed the team to slow down, despite the arrival of the pandemic and all the doubts and uncertainties that have come with it. Over the concern has won the enthusiasm, commitment and desire to look ahead to the new challenges that await Vidyasoft in 2020 have won over all concerns.

“We are signing a new partnership with an Apulian company like us and with an important presence in the Fintech District as a corporate member. We do not want to reveal the name so as not to take away the surprise – explains Vergallo – but what we can say is that it is a company that has been on the market for over 25 years: a leading international player in Italy for software and omnicanale bank. It has 70% pervasiveness in the ATM sector and one million users worldwide. At the end of the commercial agreement we expect to expand our market and reach more important Italian service providers and banking groups”.

In the daily life of the Vidyasoft team, ongoing projects with important advances also take up space and time. The partnership with Sella, for which they have created the first Italian voice banking system, continues and will be added to the operations. In this way it will be possible to move money simply using one’s own voice. And then “we have started the industrialization process of our home voice assistant Vidyasoft that we already own in the prototype stage – explains Vergallo – Unlike the well-known commercial voice assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Eco, our device has no policy limitations because it is 100% based on our cloud wox and for this reason it lends itself to industrial applications such as industry 4.0, and specific customizations based on the Internet of Things”.

Today it is active only in Italy, but Vidyasoft is looking with curiosity at the international market. “Surely the global market of our partner opens new possibilities for us. In addition to important presences in London, Paris and Frankfurt we expect to develop a dynamic international activity also in Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Belgium, Portugal and France”.

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Author: Tudor Sava

27 Maggio 2020