Vidyasoft: interview with Roberto Vergallo

Vidyasoft is a spin-off of the University of Salento born in 2015 from the entrepreneurial initiative of 4 research professors and an associate professor, all in the field of software engineering. The goal of Vidyasoft is the commercialization of the Wox product, an online platform for the Internet of Things that allows to speed up incredibly the development of scenarios and applications for the Internet of Things. Wox is the result of the members’ research activities and can be defined, as Roberto Vergallo, founder of Vidyasoft, suggests: as “the LEGO of the IoT”.

Vidyasoft also has a business unit dedicated to consulting which has allowed the company to grow very quickly and hire 7 employees. There are currently 12 of them. “This business unit – explains Vergallo – also allows us to listen to the constantly evolving needs of the market as well as to sell the vertical applications of the Wox product such as Vow, the voice assistant of Vidyasoft”.

Unlike the most famous vocal assistants available on the market, such as Amazon and Alexa, Vow is completely independent and can be used in 4.0 industry scenarios instead of in the world of consumers, such as those of competitors. “The first customers we proposed it to seemed very interested”.

In the coming months, there will be opportunities to present it even more as Vidyasoft will be present at the Retail Forum 2019 participating in the Startup Gate at the end of October, giving it the opportunity to get in direct contact with the players in the retail sector. In the autumn it will be at the Salone dei Pagamenti and, as far as the more technical part is concerned, at the Codemotion and Pragma conference in Bologna, concerning the world of Apple.

In the meantime, he has been working on international projects since the inception of this project. “The first application we made – says Vergallo – was for energy sustainability in California, Los Angeles. Another application we have made and are continuing to make is an app, iDubai, wanted directly by the sheikh of the city of Dubai. It’s a kind of Tripadvisor social requested specifically for the international exhibition of 2020. For the future, we have already begun to explore the Chinese market, thanks to a fair in which we participated in China together with the Puglia Region. Now we are trying to present the same experience in Japan”.

In May 2019 Vidyasoft joined the Fintech District community, both for networking, a very important component as a B2B company, and furthermore as this step is the natural continuation of a process begun in 2016 with Banca Sella and SellaLab, the year in which we won the first Fintech Acceleration Program. Sometime later it created the first voice banking system in Italy for Banca Sella and in January 2019 Fabrick entered the share capital of Vidyasoft.

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Author: Tudor Sava

26 Giugno 2019