Virtual B: interview with Serena Torielli

Virtual B is a fintech company with a B2B business model offering a wealth management data driven platform in API. Its vision is that it is data that can lead the wealth management industry to a new level. Its’ mission is to try and transform the data of its customers into solutions which increase their productivity and commercial effectiveness and also give a return as far as investment is concerned.

This year, as CEO and co-founder Serena Torielli explains, the company has launched a new product it is protecting with copyright. It’s called Sidekyc and is “a suite of data analytics for wealth management that we launched in partnership with a large German technology company called GFT”.

Virtual B is very interested in internationalization: “taking care of technology and B2B, it is normal for us that this is the case; for us national barriers do not make sense. It’s different for those who deal with B2C – explains Torielli – because in that case it is necessary to compete with the different regulations and different customs and traditions of the various countries, and also with the different languages “.

For those involved in technology and B2B, and for a company like Virtual B, however, the market is unique “by definition”, in fact it is talking with the platforms and ecosystems of APIs in North America also extended to Asia.

Meanwhile Virtual B will soon also participate in an event organized by an Italian accelerator in London dedicated to scale up and which will present some companies of the Italian ecosystem. “In our company we are not many and do not participate in many events – adds Torielli – we tend to select quality ones where or we can have visibility to open new relationships or learn something. There are not very many “.

Last Fall Virtual B also choose to become part of the Fintech District considering it “the first serious and very well-structured attempt to build a serious ecosystem for the fintech companies that were born or operate in Italy. An initiative of this kind was missing in Italy, we are happy to be part of it, we are very confident and we think that its’ mission is really very interesting “.

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Author: Tudor Sava

25 Ottobre 2018