VIRTUOSO: interview with Andrea Severino

Virtuoso is an app that encourages people who are committed to following a healthy lifestyle by walking a lot, running, sleeping as needed and eating healthily. It does so through rewarding and challenging. It offers vouchers, free products and discounts acting as incentives.

It was created mainly to recruit insurance customers with whom contact is made usually only at the signing of the policy, that is when they have to pay and when there is a claim. So far it has already exceeded 80,000 downloads and can count on over 30 partners including Asics, Runtastic, Amazon and many gyms.

Virtuoso has recently joined the Apple Developer Program thanks to/with which it is preparing the program of stairs – up. “We are also working with the Italian Trade Agency for Commerce – says CEO & Founder Andrea Severino – and have joined the Global Scale-up Program, a program in which 120 Italian startups will go abroad for a period of 6 months and we are also preparing for our internationalization”.

As soon as the business model is approved in Italy, the team’s goal will be to bring Virtuoso quickly to England, Germany and France, and then to the United States. “We’ve already started talking to a lot of insurance companies in Spain and India. Today we are in the process of raising funds to speed up this scale-up process. In November, those who attend the Web Summit, in Lisbon, will find Virtuoso among the participants.

In May 2019 Virtuoso joined the Fintech District community because “in order to change and innovate a static sector such as finance and insurance I think we need to work together in a team to achieve great goals” explains Severino.

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Author: Tudor Sava

3 Giugno 2019