Who are the first members of Fintech District?

The creation of Fintech District took several months, time needed to build a project that was what the Italian fintech ecosystem was looking for. The members of Fintech District all have a fundamental importance for the development of the project. Tens of realities, that have already been working in this field for years, were involved in to collaborate in identifying the project’s lines of action: know-how, technology and capital.

Fintech District operates to build and boost a community, the member of Fintech District contribute in a dynamic and pro-active way by suggesting new activities and initiatives in the network and by providing input to develop knowledge and by identifying potential ways forward and new rules for the sector

But who are the first members of Fintech District? Let’s find it out together.

The members of Fintech District: startups and affiliated partners

To this day, numerous well-known start-up companies and fintech companies and important partners that will provide services and support for the industry’s development have already joined.

Among the affiliated companies there are:

Discover more about the members of Fintech District here, you can find the updated list of all the components of our growing community. On our YouTube channel you will find interviews with the members of Fintech District in the dedicated ” #meetourmember “play list.

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Author: Admin

12 Ottobre 2017