Workinvoice: interview with Matteo Tarroni, CEO and co founder

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Workinvoice is a marketplace for Italian SMEs that want to sell their trade receivables to anticipate their collection or protect themselves from the risk of non-payment, and institutional investors who find investment in this extremely interesting asset class.

Given recent developments, “we can say that Workinvoice is becoming a marketplace recognized at European level where institutional investors find an access channel to invest in the real Italian economy” explains the CEO Matteo Tarroni. The strong point of this Fintech company, according to him, is to offer “a transparent and standardized secure tool to access this asset class. Our platform is more and more “plug and play”, it is very easy to have access to it and the funds that come to us are always more numerous”.

“To accelerate the development of the fintech sector, and also that of our company, the Fintech District is a fundamental presence” according to Tarroni because it is important that fintech companies, which are transforming the world of financial services, have a physical and virtual place to meet, share experiences and talk about the problems they experience every day. Thanks to Fintech District there are also interesting connections between companies operating in different fields, Tarroni notes: “for example, we do lending and we are interested in companies that make payment services”

The difficulties encountered by WorkinVoice are “exactly those typical of high-innovation sectors”. Tarroni explains that in the world of financial services Workinvoice proposes a new model, totally different from the current one: “from a bilateral model, in which the company goes to the bank to request funding, we want to move to a model, in which the company turns to the market to sell its commercial credits. This change clashes with a series of problems of a cultural but also normative nature. We don’t see it as a problem but as a challenge that we are winning day by day together with the world of Italian entrepreneurship with which we are always in contact”.

Workinvoice will make a series of meetings focused on the introduction of the mandatory electronic invoice even when dealing with private customers. A very hot topic! “This step will deeply transform the way we handle collections and payments and billing for companies – Tarroni notes – we will be an important player in this evolution because the invoice is the goods we exchange in our market”.


Starting from Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Lombardia, the team of Workinvoice will explain how the electronic invoice from fulfillment and commitment can become a great opportunity to have access to finance. “This does not mean that we are not looking abroad, we are in fact interested in the countries of East Europe and Balkan Europe”.

Tarroni explains that Italy, from the point of view of the management of commercial credits, is a fantastic laboratory: “there are indeed a lot of problems for companies, because they are very long lasting compared to those of their counterparts in Europe, and they present several problems for which Workinvoice can be a solution. This means that, once the solution is found in the Italian market, it is easier to export it to other countries that have similar problems. “this is the reason why we are interested in countries that have an economic fabric and characteristics of trade receivables similar to those of Italy.

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20 Giugno 2018